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I love a challenge, and I think I'm too much of a perfectionist sometimes. I'm still learning to delegate, but it's not easy when you like to control everything! I'm satisfied when everything's perfect (is it perfect enough?). I sometimes cry with joy, laughter and fatigue at the end of each intense week. My dream is one day to be able to produce my own flowers, and succeed in working from seed to event, and give a more eco-responsible dimension to my profession...


Behind the brand

Let's talk about me, I'm Julie, 37 years old, newly married, with a princess under my paws, and I'm now at the head of the company. I'm realizing a project that's been bubbling away inside me for a long time (15 years!), to devote myself to your weddings, creating natural, wild and poetic floral decors for you.

The human element is central to my work, and I greatly enjoy sharing this focus with the team that joins me on our summer journeys.


Sharing & transmission

With my team, we diligently orchestrate every facet of our floral projects, blending creativity, artistry, and technical expertise. We uniquely select flowers and plants, always mindful of their seasonality, to guarantee freshness from the moment of choice to the wedding day.

In our workshop, we produce exquisite floral arrangements, but we can also recreate this workspace at any location chosen by our clients, showcasing our adaptability and commitment to excellence. The delivery and installation of the floral decorations are handled with utmost precision, paying attention to the smallest details to ensure a magical and unforgettable setting.


Go the extra mile

What drives me (and I repeat it often enough to my team at certain rocky moments) is to make people happy with our flowers. It's as simple as that. I love the idea that the bride and groom will experience their greatest moment of happiness through our flowers. The idea that on her wedding day she'll find a decoration that exceeds her dreams moves me deeply. Working with flowers is much more than creating a centerpiece; it's a living material that dazzles and excites the senses. Each customer gives us the opportunity to live a new adventure through them, to tell a unique story.

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